2003 Captiva 192

ronpgnronpgn Posts: 1Member
Where is the fuel pump located and is it electric? My boat will start with starter fluid or pouring gas in it but will not continue to run. Please help!


  • mvnmvn Uxbridge, OntarioPosts: 617Member, Moderator mod
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    AFAIK, it is electric.  Merc or Volvo? I4, V6?
    Does it have a spin-on fuel filter/water separator?
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     If you're pouring gas in, assume it's not efi... 99% sure it's electric and remote from the tank.  Open the hatch, look down at the tank, and follow the smaller line from the tank.  Pretty good chance it runs to the fuel pump- about the size of a Redbull can.
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