Automatic Drain Plug

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I'm just curious if anyone has ever used one the drain plugs that are like a one-way valve, only allowing water to go out, but not back in.  I keep my boat on a lift, so I wouldn't need to be seriously concerned about it failing while I'm not there.  But I'd love the idea of rainwater and such not accumulating.  By what I've read, most seem to work only with movement of the boat in the water, not just sitting stagnant on a lift or on a trailer.  I'd love to have the latter, because I do get rainwater in from the sides (blower area, yes, I've thought about other remedies as well). 

Right now I use a shop vac each time I visit to drawl what is there cause it will stink after a while if I don't.  I've also thought about using my wash pump that is connected to a seacock in my engine room, removing from seacock and putting the hose to the very bottom of the bilge.  Another forum member (I saw at the Rendezvous) did this with his 40 and is happy with it.  & yes, all this because the bilge pump just does not get all of the water out, leaves a couple gallons in there.

Just thought I'd see what others have done.

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