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I recently posted a reply to "water coming in" stating when my drive is in trailer position, water starts to trickle into the bilge. Though this was not the posters problem, I did have a reply saying to get my problem fixed right away. I was on youtube this morning to really see what was going on in there and now I understand why. Salt water in bearings BAD, corroding u joints BAD etc. Since my boat worked fine otherwise(with drive in run position) I did not fix it. Another poster with regards to manifolds and risers replacement. Once again mine are 11 years old and seem to be fine but after reading more about it I realize I am on borrowed time. I read posts daily on RBO as part of my morning ritual. I am not very mechanical so unable to join in on most discussions but enjoy the theory and troubleshooting big time. I finally realize that the cost of ownership is much more than buying gas or fixing a broken part. Catastrophic engine failure due to leaking water jackets, outdrive failure due to seawater penetration are very real and can make a fun day on the water with the family turn to a bad situation fast. I have always been"if it ain't broke don't fix it" person which is fine with some stuff, but I now realize this does not ring true with boating. I figure I will be spending about $3000 in the Spring to bring my power package up to date for my own safety. Thanks to all of the regular contributors on the forum to help boaters like myself become aware of maintenance and keeping things safe on the water.
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