PSA - check you swim platform support bolts

Just an FYI for everyone if you have a swim platform check the four lag bolts that secure the platforms stainless support beam into your transom. On my 360 there are two support beams with a circular flange that bolts to the transom. Why they used lag bolts I don't know, and why they didn't put any 5200 on bolts that are submerged is beyond me. I noticed some seepage rust trails from the lag bolts while in the engine bay. So I backed them out and put 5200 on all of the bolts and reinstalled. Two holes were a little damp and one had a stream of water come out for a few seconds. I let it dry for a couple days and then bolted everything back up. While your at it check your trim tab screws. Mine were fortunately fine and caulked.
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