Summer Trip to Long Island?

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Hey guys, first off - MERRY CHRISTMAS. Hope you guys all have a very special holiday with you and your families/friends.

OK now for the question. I am wanting to go on a summer trip with my 280 this summer coming up. I have a friend who lives in NYC and suggested I trailer the boat out to the east coast and do some exploring out there. I am probably end up trailering it to CT and then launching there due to obvious reason of NYC lol. Secondly, am I even able to do this if I have a fresh water boat and do not have heat exchangers?  

Just curious if anyone has done a short trip in salt water with a freshwater boat or not. If this isn't possible then its up the Pictured Rocks I go!

Any insight would be much appreciated!
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    No issues other than a really good flush and wash after
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    I agree with Handy.  Just need to make sure of a good flush and make sure you don't transport any unwanted critters with you.  If you were leaving it in longer than a week then I'd have to start thinking about zincs and such.  But, hey, that sounds like a great time!  While you're at it, make it in July and bring her a couple hours south for a Chesapeake Rinker Rendezvous!

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    Boats go in the water, or they are no fun to own. I bought our rinker to not have a fresh water boat, but I do have the understanding of not putting a boat is the salt water. If your going to be that selective of where you will take it, your missing out on a whole other world!
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