Bennett Marine Trim Tabs

I just wanted to share a good experience I just had with Bennett Marine (good experiences seem rarer these days). I went down the street to my boat (stored on land for winter) to see how it made it thru the snowstorm we had last week in the Mid-Atlantic. I found oil all over one of my trim tabs and assumed I would be buying a new cylinder. I gave Bennett Marine a call to see what I would need to purchase and ask how hard this would be to do. To my delight they said I would only need an O-ring kit (based on where it was leaking, where shaft goes into cylinder) and that they would mail it out to me today. My boat is a 2004 so I asked if I would need to pay for this and they said no, they will mail the O-ring kit and instructions on how to replace and that I should be good to go. I will follow up here after I replace the O-rings but I am happy so far.

2004 Cruisers Yachts 320 W/6.2L I/B's

Boat Name- Anchor Management, Mayo MD


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