Fighting Island Fire

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So last night I was getting off Southfield freeway around 11:45pm which is about 3 miles from the Detroit River and seen a lot of smoke in the air. I decided to follow the smoke and it led me to the Detroit River where I seen that Fighting Island was a blaze. Fighting Island is on the Canada side of the Detroit River and it’s a 1500 acre island. The fire was moving fast and I am interested to see what it looks like this morning. 


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    Is that is that an occupied island?
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    aero3113 said:
    Is that is that an occupied island?
    I didn’t think it was occupied at all but after reading reports it looks like there are hunting dogs that stay on the island and maybe a few people? Reports state that all the dogs are safe and no one was hurt. The reports also state that the blaze started around 8:15pm and lasted until 3:00am. My wife seen a Facebook post that said Canadian coast guard were doing a training drill and accidentally started the fire but I don’t know if there is any truth behind it. 
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    Turn the whole island into a flare?

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    Stodge said:
    Turn the whole island into a flare?
    That’s what it looks like. I still haven’t been able to find a credible answer to the fire. I did hear that 250-300 acres of the 1500 acre island had vegetation damage. 
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