oil change?

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So pulled the boat today. Only put 10 hours on it this summer (about 5 of that was idling trying to fix issues). So think I should still change the oil before putting it away for the winter? Oil still looks like new. It's an easy enough process so if yo all say change it then I will.


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    I'm in the same position.  I'm going to change it anyways
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    I would change it , the acids in the oil will rot your pan. I had my oil examined after the first year I had the boat and you would be surprised at how bad it was 
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    I would change it. Cheap insurance. You could also send it out for an analysis. I have done it and it’s pretty cool. 
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    Not to hijack the thread, but how about the fuel filter? We too have only put about 10 hours on the engine due to weather and/or other commitments. Lots more time just sitting on the dock enjoying the atmosphere.

    Getting too old to contort my way around the engine compartment, so I thought I'd spend the money with my mechanic on a genset tuneup and skip the filters for this year. Thoughts?
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    Yep change it, I always change in the fall no matter how it looks. Dock mate here skipped a year and his fitters were fused on and he had to hire someone to remove and do the oil change. It’s easy and doesn’t take much time.
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    Im cheap, if i was using a mobile or equivalent full synthetic i wouldnt worry about it.  If i was using cheaper oils id change it.  

    Other than when im at the lake my boat is stored under a garage, im not worried about filters rusting or housing corrosion fusing together.

    Fuel filter id change yearly regardless of hours.  Oil has gotten much much better since the 80s, fuel has gotten much much worse.

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    My fuel filters have been changed a few times this year already (my issues were fuel related). The oil is Shell Rotella 15W-40. But sounds like I will be changing it. Just have to get my step-son to change the filter cause no way I can fit my fat butt in there...lol
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    I should also note im in south Carolina. I'll be boating into October and back out in may, April at the latest. 

    I like rotella. It's so cheap you almost cant resist changing frequently. 

    It holds up well in extreme conditions
  • boatman37boatman37 Member Posts: 487 ✭✭✭
    Good idea on the fuel filter Alswagg.
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    PickleRick, which rotella are you using?  Thanks.
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    edited October 2019
    I believe t5 in the 7.3 and t6 in the tdi.  

    Maybe im thinking t4 and t5?  Sorry my numbers get screwed up.  15w40 is for the 7.3 but i have used it in every diesel engine and motorcycle I've owned the past decade. Ducati, kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda bikes and isuzu diesels.  

    I have not researched the current approved weight engine oil for my 1988 5.7 chevy sitting in my rinker.   Im a kawasaki dealer so if its sae 30, 10w30, 10w40 or 20w50 ill use those as i buy them by the crate and all are either high Zink or synthetic blend high quality oils and since im a dealer it's cheap.  If its a 15w40 ill be using rotella.

  • PickleRickPickleRick Member Posts: 2,549 ✭✭✭✭
    The 15w40 rotella i use is t4
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