Rinker 2019 320EX Cruiser

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Take a look at this

2002 342 Fiesta Vee PC Point Of Pines YC Revere MA. popyc.org


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    WoW, beautiful!!
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    I thought it had less room than a 342
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    I thought it had less room than a 342
    It's a smaller boat, so it would have less room than a 342.
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    Sweet! Just have to win the lottery.  Kind of ironic that the magazine shown on the settee was titled "Exporting".
    An interesting feature in some of the pics near the end was a split bow rail. Check at about the11:25 mark.
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    Head is way too small. Otherwise she's pretty.

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    She's got some nice features.  Split bow rail = ready for international sales.
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    Beautiful boat! I always like when Kim does the walk through videos. 
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    Beautiful boat! I always like when Kim does the walk through videos. 
    Agreed - Kim should do more of those!  
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    I like how he’s just straight to the point and talks about the features. When they have an “actor” or someone do them, they sort of sound fake. I think it speaks volume too, when the president of the company is doing the walk through. I bet you won’t see other boat company’s with their presidents going over a boats options! 
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    I don't like that it doesn't include a separate shower like the 342FV.  Also a less wide beam.  2 features that drew me to the 342FV...  Nice boat though!!
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    The EC 310 is not meant to replace the 342 - the EC 350/360/370 models do that and they do have a big stand alone shower.
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    The 342 has a much bigger footprint.  It's 4' longer and 1.5' wider.
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    I'm looking to purchase a 2019/2020 Rinker 320 (similar to the one in the video) with a joystick and engines with saltwater protection.  My wife wants a cabin to spend the weekends vice a hotel.  I guess you can call it a hotel in the water.  You may say I'm crazy (and that's ok), but this will be my first boat.  We have only rented a 20/22 footer for the day. My greatest fear is docking a boat in a slip.  I feel more at ease with the joystick system.  I could use some feedback (good/bad/ugly).  We plan to use it on weekends and in the inter coastal area in the cocoa beach, Florida.  Thank you.

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    If you have the money, you can build/spec a new boat on Rinker's "Build-A-Boat" section of their website. A fully outfitted, well appointed 320 will retail in the $300K range.

    Advantage is you will get exactly what you want - and a warranty.

    That said, the current 320 EX is the exact same layout as the 2010+ 310 EC -- and all were available with Axius joysticks as an option.

    If you're willing to look around and/or compromise on features/colors, you can find a good, used 310/320 with a joystick for at least half the cost of new.

    We bought a used 2014 310 EC last year and love it. The only thing I wish it has was a hardtop. That was our concession, but saved tens of thousands of dollars versus new.

    If you get used, make sure you get a survey. And everyone here can help you through the in-and-outs if you buy used. They've helped me immensely. Great group of brains here.

    Good luck whatever you do - and welcome to the forum.
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    Not crazy at all -- I think it's fantastic!  But you'd better start by taking a boating safety course and doing a lot of research.  You have a lot of catching up to do.  You need to learn about docking, anchoring, navigation, no-wake zones and a lot more.  

    Joystick can be a good thing.  It's definitely easier, and some people find it less stressful.  But every boater, without exception, needs to learn how to dock a boat manually.  Are you willing to turn off the joystick and practice docking?  If not, you'll never learn how.  Then a day will come when you have to dock with only one engine, or with a dead joystick, and it won't end well.  

    A 320 is easy to dock.  It just takes practice, as we've said in many threads on this forum.  

    Welcome to the forum!
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    I have a 310 with axius joystick. You’ll love the boat! There’s some great deals out there! As tony said - the hard top is a good option! The axius takes a lot of the stress out if docking. The 310/320 has a great layout if you have guests, and a nice roomy cabin! Keep us posted on how the search goes! 
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