Gas cans fueling at the dock

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So my brother keeps his boat on the Hudson river at a public marina run  by the town ,I was there yesterday helping him with a electrical problem and noticed a boater a few slips down carrying gas cans down to fill his tank .I was surprised and always thought it was illegal to fuel up like that at a dock .I did some searching on line but cant find any laws against it .He told me a few people at the marine do it .Anyone have any info on it .seems crazy that their isn't a law against it 


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    I don't think its illegal but my marina doesn't allow it. Doesn't stop a few boaters though cause I see people doing it all the time. 
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    My yacht club pumps fuel and we have what we call the "Fuel Dock". If a member wants to carry cans and put in his/her own fuel they have to move their boat to the fuel dock to do it. BTW no one brings their own fuel........... Just say'n
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    Never heard of it being illegal or against the rules as long as its from an approved container. 
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    I know the marinas that are "environmentally certified" have rules that state it is not allowed.  For most public marinas here in MD, it is a big no-no.  I've heard the marinas can be fined.  I'm sure the rules vary in other states.

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    Our marina allows it and even has loaner cans in the storage shed that we can use (15 gal, 30 gal, and 50 gal). At our old marina it wasn't allowed but I saw people either fuel at the dock anyway or pull away from the a little ways, shut their engine off and start pouring their fuel in
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    We are allowed to carry cans down to the dock to fuel boats at our marina. We just can't leave the cans on the dock when finished. I do it all of the time. I carry, via a fold up wagon, 34 gallons at a time. Three trips, full boat and I saved $68/trip. Gas in Pittsburgh is a cool $5/gallon on the water. If I can save $2/gallon, I will carry. It it a PITA, heck yes. But I can get 2 or 3 cases of beer with the money saved.
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    I used to do that on my 21 foot only one motor only held 55 gallons. 342 has 235 gallons to much of a pain.  I have a friend that uses two 55 gallon drums and he has a pump that he hooks to his battery with 100 feet of hose but  his boat is in his own backyard on water.
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    The 50 gallon tank our marina has you just load it in your truck then back down the ramp to the edge of the water and pull your boat to the courtesy dock. I have never used the 50 gallon one but use the 30 gallon one all the time.
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    On the topic of fuel, does everyone make sure their tanks are filled or do you only put enough fuel to last you a few outings? Where I boat if I topped off both tanks on my 342 it would last me almost a whole season, so I usually only put $200-$250 in each tank when I get fuel. 
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    No gas cans allowed at most marinas around here. Marina is held responsible for any spills. I cheat a bit though in that a local road station backs onto the water and has a gas dock that prices about 40 cents more a gallon than road price. Not ethanol free but I use a bottle of Startron every second tank and burn lots if gas. About 6 full tanks last year. I try to not let my tank ever get below half. Just a thing I've always done doesn't matter what I drive.
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    I try not to let me fuel get below 1/2 and I always fill up. Both in the boat and in my truck. I add a bottle of Star Tron every tank
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    When I was running our club 12 years ago, I forced a rule change so that nobody can bring a fuel container bigger than 6 gallons on the club's property unless they are licensed and insured for dispensing fuel.  

    At the time, our "town idiot" club member was bringing an unlicensed 100-gallon trailer to fuel his boat, and we had no way to stop him.  Imagine the cost impact if he spilled 100 gallons of gas into the Potomac.  

    My preference was no fuel containers at all, unless absolutely needed to move the boat from the slip to the fuel dock.  Cooler heads prevailed, so we allow 6-gal cans.  
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    In general here if a marina sells gas they won’t allow decanting. Sales preservation as well as accident prevention.



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    Not like anything bad could happen doing that:

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    Not like anything bad could happen doing that:
    I forgot all about this. Crazy!
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