Well first issue after waking the old girl up this spring is the generator

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Fired up my genset Saturday for the first time this year, ran about 15-20min no issues and then died. Went to try and fire it up again, definitely sounds like it wants to start but dies like a safety isn't allowing it. When it was running, there was plenty of water getting pumped out the side, and just had the carb and impeller replaced last year. So thought maybe it was the thermostat not kicking on and it was over heating. Came back the next day to ensure it was cold, acts like its about to turn over and then immediately shuts down again.

Has anyone encountered this type of behavior? Is there sensors somewhere that might be faulty and preventing the motor from running? I'm already on the list for my mechanic to come take a look, but he was kind of surprised when he heard it didn't start the next day either because he thought for sure thermostat too. 


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    Check the motor oil and consider replacing the spark plugs.  There is an oil sensor that can make the shut off.  And they are tough on spark plugs.

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    @Stodge Yeah I checked the oil and topped it off, will do spark plugs next thanks. 
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    Plug............. These genny's eat them like candy.
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    Agree on plugs first. When you re start cold does it start but then die when you release the start button? If so then it’s an electrical problem. Start with fuses and brushes. If it stays running when you release the start button and then dies then probably not electrical. 
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    Same behavior from starting both at the cabin switch and the one on the generator. 
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    Thanks but I asked when it shuts off, is it when you release the start button or after? 
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    Last time I tried was from the cabin, held the button till the light turned on and I heard it starting, when I let go it got up to idle and shut off/light turned off, so maybe 10 seconds. Tried right after, light would never turn on and as soon as it got to idle I let go of the button and it died 
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    Ok that’s good, if it kept running for more than a few seconds after letting the start button go then it shouldn’t be electrical. So agree with comments here to do plugs next. 
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    Its the choke and plug bro
    those kholers are junk 
    they always wants or need something 

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    Are you sure the fuel valve is on?

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    Can you rule out carb issues?  Carb issues are my # 1 source of income.

    Buy orileys brand brake cleaner, it works well for both parts and carb cleaning and a diagnostics tool. The epa hasnt taken the flamable out of it.  Give a little squirt directly into the carb.   A real little squirt. If she back fires you want it to be so little you can blow it out like a birthday candle.  Keep a fire ex handy in the event of an issue.  Any time you're diagnosing or working on fuel system issues keep a fire ex on hand.

    If she fires up and runs and keeps running so long as you keep giving her little squirts its a carb or fuel delivery issue. There may even be a 12 volt fuel cut off solenoid on the carb that might not be opening up. Might not be getting fuel to the carb. Might just need a carb clean/rebuild.  Id imagine she has a fuel pump of some kind and many kohlers i see are diaphragm cam/crank/rocker arm driven and fail regularly with today's fuels. 

    For an engine to run it needs


    So long as the epa allows gasoline companies to save money by not putting fuel stabilizers in fuel as well as adding ethanol we will have loads of fuel system issues, more so on carb motors than anything else.  

    Im assuming its not a pre 83 model genset so it has electronic ignition, pretty reliabe on a kohler.  Timing and compression issues are usually rare and expensive.

    Today's fuels burn hotter than fuels of past so loose rocker arm studs are not uncommon if you do end up with a timing and or compression issue. Kohler sent out a service bulletin on their command series engine some 10 years ago advising more torque on the rocker arm bolts due to them coming loose. I even add a drop of loctite to them once i assemble. Your motor is liquid cooled where as i work with air cooled motors so this shouldnt be an issue for you but if you get that far simply removing valve covers can rule that out.

    Im a factory certified briggs, koher, honda among other brands tech fwiw

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