Schematic for 2005 282 Captiva bowrider

drboydrboy Lake of the OzarksMember Posts: 1

I've enjoyed my 2005 Captiva 282 bowrider since purchasing it new.  The documentation however was slim and contained virtually no electrical schematics.  Checking my boat out after dewinterization this spring I found that most electrical items forward of the helm do not work.  The horn, the nav lights to name two.  The anchor light works, it's aft.  I'm wondering if there is a connector which services all the forward accessories, but that would be asking for way too much.  Anyway, a schematic would be great. 

There are obviously a lot of experienced and talented folks in this forum so I hope I can get some insight.

I have surfed the net and read through a lot of the electrical discussions here and have not seen a workable link to any schematic, and no links to a schematic for a 2005 282 Captiva bowrider.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • natsbnatsb MarylandMember Posts: 8
    It may be old fashion, but I sent Rinker a letter asking for schematics.  The very fine folks there gave me a set for my boat.  I guess they are old fashioned too.
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