Bilge Trouble shooting for 21 ft, 1999 Rinker Deck boat

chucktaylorchucktaylor Member Posts: 5
My bilge is tripping the circuit breaker instantly. 

I do not understand how the bilge serves the three hulls.

Any info appreciated. I just bought the boat but the bilge worked two day ago but not today.


  • chucktaylorchucktaylor Member Posts: 5
    Anyone know how to access the bilge(s) in 1999 Flotilla deck boat? I understand where they must be but the access is not immediately clear. Do I have to remove fresh water tank? How to access under engine for center hull? 

    Simple problem complex access. 

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    Sorry I can't really help with any information.  There aren't many Flotilla owners on here from what I have seen.  Hopefully someone will come along that can help.  Possibly @Alswagg could point you in the right direction?  
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  • chucktaylorchucktaylor Member Posts: 5
    Thanks. I simply do not understand how the bilge system works with three hulls. Rinker has agreed to give me some information after they understand year and model.

    Again thanks for the help.

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    That's great Rinker is helping you out.  Please post your findings, as I'm sure they'll help someone else out in the future.

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  • chucktaylorchucktaylor Member Posts: 5
    Rinker gave me the info I needed. The three hulls all have separate bilge pumps. The starboard side was under the storage well where the anchor was stored. The port side was under the fresh water tank. The center bilge pump was in front of engine. Two of the pumps were froze and were replaced. The starboard side was easy. The port side was very difficult because access was upside down and stretched across the bilge. The pumps were installed very well and easy to replace except for access. These pumps are attached to the hull so no problem with turning over.

    Thanks to Rinker for the help.

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