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Hi everyone im new to this forum and the rinker family. I bought a great rinker fiesta vee 280 last year, Boat was and is spotless. The guy who owned it took very good care of it. I am now having a fuel delivery problem on my starboard motor. 

1. Its way harder to start after sitting a few days unlike the port motor that just fires right up.

2. It will not always run on its seperate tank on the starboard side. I have to switch the middle valve to run off the port tank. Could this be a vent problem, fuel pickup problem? 

3. I have a slight miss in one motor which i believe can be solved by cap, rotor and wires. Just want some other possibilities it could be. I only run rec fuel in the boat as well.

TIA for all your help.


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    Welcome to the forum!  Have you ruled out bad fuel, or water in the fuel filter?  What kind of fuel filter do you have?  If it's a spin-on filter that looks like an oil filter, remove it and dump the contents into a clear container to see how much water is in there.
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    I agree with LaRea, start with fuel.
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