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Slip 866 Sunset Marina Byrdstown Tn


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    BoatAwayBoatAway Member Posts: 179 ✭✭✭
    I watched the video.

    Launch and board a 33' in 1.5 minutes! I feel like it takes me that long just to psych myself up!
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    212rowboat212rowboat Member Posts: 2,591 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2013
    It sure is impressive.... But he wouldn't be doing that around here, unless he found a private launch built on a long deep water channel and a gentle angle.. I swear to little baby Jesus in a tuxedo shirt the ICW launch at the end of my street has a sign less than 20' from the start of the ramp that says "ramp ends here".. it means precisely what it says.. it's a 2' sharp drop afterward.. I've literally watched two people pull the axle out from under their trailers, and heard of several more.. two winters ago I was walking the dog around 0100 and encountered a f450 attempting to pull, in 4wd, their (two dudes about my age) flats boat turned duck blind out, and spinning on the slime.. he tied his truck off on a post while I ran back to the house and got my truck to pull him out...

    Point is: ya better know the ramp before you splash and dash...

    And about trailers: last year a friend of mine blew his outboard up, and had to be towed in to his lift.. he was towed to the ramp the next eve after he retrieved his seldom used trailer- the wheels were rusted through.. he made it to my house and dropped it off thinking it was just a blown tire (it was that, too), only to see the real carnage in the light the next day when he came back to get it... He got new wheels.. well, he just blew it up again this past weekend due to failed oil pump from his two stroke oil reservoir.. oops.. he went and got his trailer, which he didn't rinse since dropping his boat last season..

    The tongue snapped... It's in my side yard right now, with such a splint creation like I've never seen attempted.. why? Because he doesn't take care of his stuff..

    I think I'll come back and post a pic of that thing.. its pretty ridiculous looking, but it got him from the ramp to my house, anyway..


    By the way: that 'splint' is a 2x6 turned driftwood and retrieved from the bank, and line he pulled off his boat tying the front, and using the winch to haul up the back... Redneck ingenuity is often a thing to behold.. :-D
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