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I'm currently looking for a 270 and would love to find one that was fresh water only (long line of buyers for that one) and it got me thinking about these larger boats and saltwater in general. I'll be taking my current boat, a Tahoe, over to sw Fl for a week to a pretty much deserted island....there is no way to pull the boat out and flush.  Now, I'll only be there a week and when I return, I go after the boat and trailer like a mad man to clean it up.  Not much I can do otherwise but it did get me thinking...what about all the other boats I see along the ICW that look like they are never pulled or even the ones with a lift, are they typically pulled and flushed on some sort of schedule or are these the boats that have the riser and manifold issues early in their life because it is impossible or difficult to flush them?  Mine will be kept inland and on wheels or in fresh water.  I'm just concerned about buying one that looks nice and clean on the out side and crudded up on the inside...also, in searching for boats I run across "recently replaced motor", ...is this just lack of maintenance or not flushing them, cruding up and overheating and blowing the motors? I have a hard time understanding someone spending this kind of money and not maintaining the motor and blowing one.................also, if they did not take proper care of the motor, you have to assume they did not take care of anything on the boat...


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    Keep in mind you can be the most meticulous person as far as maintenance and upkeep but the fact is parts break that's why they make replacement parts. If your concerned with past maintance meet with the seller talk to him/her see if they have records. Find yourself a mechanic you can trust take him with you.
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    I've noticed a lot of mercs an vp's paint the whole engine.. because of that, you can look at the intake manifold bolts and easily see if its been off.. you gotta take it off to get to heads... Look for same on exhaust manifolds, though they're not as easily seen.. if MPI engine, look at injectors and rail mounts to see if they've been moved... These, together, can show you if major work has been done..

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    Up north most boats with "recent motor" was due to not winterizing properly

    and a resulting cracked block. At least around here.

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