1998 Rinker 192 Fuel Sending Unit access location...

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Recently purchased a very well maintained 98 Rinker 192.  Very happy with the build quality, and ride of this boat.

The gas gauge was broke when I bought it and I would like to change out the sending unit, but have not found exactly where it is...

I assume it's under the rear seat (not a walk through transom)... Is the rear plastic bin (under the seat) just 2 screws to remove?

Or is this located more in the middle of the boat?  I do not have snap out carpet.

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    Okay so I can half a$$ get to it by doing the following:

    Remove Bimini Top and light look straight down.  Can see the fuel lines and sender.

    Unscrew the bench seat and access cover from inside the seat.

    Squeeze my fat a$$ in the back seat bucket...

    Can feel the sender bolts, and multiple wires (odd as I swear there are 4 wires 3 of which are hooked up. 

    Not ready to tinker with this just yet as it was starting to rain.
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    ### Update 08202019 ###

    Figured out how to get to this unit, and/or how to winterize this Fall.

    The following was performed:
    (1) - Remove both storage bins from the bilge (4 screws - 2 in each bin)
    (2) - Remove both side carpeted wood pieces from back of bench seat (in bilge 2 screws)
    (3) - Remove 8 screws from bottom of bench seat (Inside of bench)
    (4) - Tilt bench seat forward
    (5) - Easily can reach fuel sending unit and wiring...

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    Pretty good feeling when you answer your own question and help others with your answer.  :)

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    *One important side note!!!

    There are screws below the cup holders in the bench seat, I ripped the side skirt vinyl by pulling the seat to far forward... Not sure how the cup holders come out, but warning to others who might attempt this... 
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