2007 Rinker 270 V hot water tank

Ok I hope this is my last question about this hot water tank.  I did what everyone said and purchased the element for the hot water tank as it doesn't leak so going for the cheaper way then just replacing it.  I got the old element out which is very rusty and noticed there is about an inch of rusty water in the bottom of the tank.  I want to drain this and rinse it out before putting new element in.  Is there a plug somewhere to drain the hot water tank or is there some other way to get the rusty water out?


  • PickleRickPickleRick Posts: 780Member ✭✭✭
    If you dont see a drain its shop vac time although there should be a drain as marine hot water tanks need drained at the end of the season.  The one in my 92 rinker has a drain.  Even with a drain if there is rust id still rinse it out and vac/towel it out until all the rust is gone so it doesnt clog up my plumbing.
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