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I was told today, as of a few weeks ago Kim Slocum retired. Has anyone heard who’s taking the reigns at Rinker? I was told Kim will still be a consultant for product design etc. I thought it was pretty cool to be at the Miami boat show and meet Kim and his wife. They talked to everyone walking by like they were long time friends. You could see his passion for the Rinker brand and Rinker boats. Congratulations to Kim on his retirement! 


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    Kim is a SUPER guy!!!!!

    Back in the early 1990s ('94 I think) Kim and I talked Rinkers, water skiing and boat racing - he and his buddies used to build-up engines for water skiing and racing - in Rinkers of course!

    He was the one who ok'd me putting a 390 HP 383 in my Rinker 190 Captiva without voiding the hull warranty. That boat still cruises the local waterways "lurking" waiting for arrogant Baja owners etc. to smoke! Ha Ha

    Kim, may you and your Admiral have many years of good health and great boating. I hope you took a new Rinker EC 360 with youn into retirement.....if not - you need to call Bryan fast....because man, can he set you up with a great retirement boat! :-)

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    Tell him he is widely admired here on the forum!
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    Tell them I will pick them up in my 45 Prevost
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    I agree with @LaRea .  I truly would like to meet Kim someday.  Maybe he'll have some time to come out and enjoy more of what he has created.  (hint, come to Rinkervous next year! :) )

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