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So, as we are getting into the boating season, time to get the boat cleaned up. My 06 270 has the tan hull which I really like but you all know keeping the finish up is a battle, even a white hull. And, keep in mind mine does not spend half it's life in shrink wrap and the FL sun is just brutal.
Back story is we bought the boat about 5 years ago now I guess. It was lift kept and not to well maintained. At least the hull was clean, was out of the water and not bottom painted. Blank slate to work with.
So, I really don't have a background to fix a bad finish. My last boat was in good shape when I got it. I kept it in the garage and threw some wax on it every now and then and it looked great.

When I brought this home I bought a hd buffer from harbor freight, tried various products short of the high end stuff with not much improvement. I eventually got the wet sandpaper out and very nervously went to work on it. Probably put most of the effort on the tan. Then used the 3m wax and finish restorer. product and got the hull "satisfactory"

I have what two years of down time with a job change, transom leak with a motor pull and life in general so the finish fell back behind so trying to get it caught back up.

The product I've had the most sucess with for minimal effort  has been 3M wax and finish restorer. It brought back the finish to the tan part pretty easily and along the upper bow deck edge. Toward the back and around /in the helm cleans it up- it's nice and smooth but just does not have that shine and is dull. I don't recall ever using the paper around the helm and seating area, is that what it's going to take to get that finish back? Also, as I posted in another thread, I found that the seat back across from the helm pops of and revealed a nice storage area. Looking at that seat to the right, the little seat back right there by the map storage (who's idea was that?) Also has snaps at the bottom and also comes off..the seat itself also is Velcro and comes off. The seat backs around the curve and the seat backs at the rear, how do they come off? If I'm going to wet sand the area u need to get the seating out...

I'd guess if you have a good base finish the poly glow and any other numerous products will work- I'm thinking I need more help than that.

Bring it on guys!


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    I will be looking to see what people have to say. My friend highly recommended the 3m wax/restore stuff to me but I haven't tried it yet. Our boat is all white but if you look closely you can see the haze. So far I have just washed it and used a spray bottle speed detailer to give some UV protection. 
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    Wow, ok...guess I'm on my own on this one. I will report back what I figure out.. 
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    Im also watching for a miracle product.

    I used a wax cleaner on my 91.  Then did a 3 step hand buff fine compound. Followed by hand polish, lastly a sealer sealer.  Then i used a spray on wax after that was just wipe on wipe off.

    I did what i would do after i paint/wetsand a fresh paint job.  I had these laying around the house , was bored one weekend i couldn't go to the lake.

    Once i launched the boat post wax job(ive used it nearly every weekend since june) my parents came by the beach i was anchored off of and didn't stop at first because they didnt recognize the boat.  

    My shoulders hurt for days but my aunt saying it looked like a new boat was worth it.

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    I use presti products wool wheel on a 6" buffer 3 steps and a couple coats of wax seem like its a yearly duty. i have wet sanded with good success DA sander with soap and water in a spray bottle.
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    I'm going to use a little super fine wet paper as as go along with the 3m and then put another quote of wax eventually...a270 gets really big doing this kind of work. I see where painting a a boat gets to be popular!
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    1000 grit and goto 1500 grit wet paper on a DA with soapy water. compound is about the same as 1500 grit paper. The Pesti products break down as you go along. wash and squeegee dry in between steps.  
    2005 Rinker FV342  Pawcatuck river,Ct
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    If the gel is so worn and faded, sometimes the only thing to do is respray.   We would paint the hull sides with Awl Grip marine paint.  Extremely durable and longest lasting paint in the marine industry.   We would apply a base primer.  Two wet coats of base color, another wet coat of base and clear, then a final wet coat of just clear.     Let it cure for 7 days at 70* and then a light wet sand and buff just to remove any airborne dust particle  A 270 Rinker would run approximately $7,500
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  • rasburyrasbury Sanford, FLPosts: 5,908Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Can't tell out side how these come out for comparison but I don't think I'm at the paint stage yet thank God! 

    @Alswagg the seating around the helm area, does that all come out with snaps at the bottom and hooks on the top? It looks like the curved seats has snaps along the bottom, how sweet would that be!

    I'm using a wooly cutting pad and then a foam buff/polish pad...will save the gelcoat for when it is sell time. The tan is a bit blotchy and I'm sure I could wet sand it to and even nice finish but how many times can I do that before I have to see All?
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    Had good results using Aquabuff and a buffer.
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    Good progress.. using a maquires compound and polish which is working real well on the color- following up with the 3m heavy oxidation and wax one step with a foam pad and it is looking really nice and going quicker.

    I ordered a brush attachement I can put on the buffer and will use that with the Maguire's on the nod skid on the bow...then will find a polymer sealer... 
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