Water under port side seat v 342

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Curious if anyone is seeing this, after hard rain I get water coming through the canvas were it attaches to the arch and windshield then drips down behind the seating back rest and straight into the compartment underneath the seat. We had some bad storms this week and easily vacuumed out a gallon of water if not more this morning. Because of this I really don't use it for storage but even more concerned about water seeping through the access hole to the holding and fuel tank and causing damage. 


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    @McGarnicle If its the same problem I am having the "channel" that holds the canvas connector has to be change. I was told it was very expensive and a PITA to change. What I do is I use a roll of heat shrink tape and run it along the track and the arch. Cant really see it because its on top and problem solved. 
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    @raybo3 I'll have to give that a try thanks!
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    ++ to Raybo

    Also, where the window meets the arch, the caulk is not around the arch to hull connection. The water follows the window to hull path then seeps into the arch. The water drips in from the holes/fasteners connecting the arch. I can post a pic later, but cut out the caulk at the joint and redo sealing the arch connection. 
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    Check the gasket on your shore power connections too. 

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    Mine does the same during a heavy rain.  There is a simple temporary solution of just putting a small 8x10ft sheet of plastic over the seat when you put on the canvas.  This would just run the water off and onto the flooring. Another option would be to drill a small weep hole with a hose to drain it into the bilge.
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