Purchasing 1992 Vee 300 SAT FOR 5 years

I’m about to buy a 1992 Rinker Fiesta Vee 300 with twin Diesel engines. I’m getting it at a very low price only because it’s been sat untouched for just over 4 years while sat in the river. It’s in a remote area so we can’t crane it, lift it or use a slip way to trailer it. I have to drive the boat for at least 4 hours to get it to my home mooring where I have access to all.
so I have no choice but to try start her up. Before it was sat for four years the the boat was well maintained. One engine worked sweet but apparently one engine just randomly stopped working just before it was left to sit. It can be driven on one engine up the non tidal river with no issues but we are unsure which engine powers to power steering? I’m messaging the seller via email back and forth gathering information ready to try and pick up in the next few days. So can anyone advise which engine it is starboard or port. That way I can email the owner and ask him which engine is running and go from there. Also what should I look out for or do before starting the engine after such a long period of time?


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    First thing that comes to mind is mold growing in the fuel tanks bring plenty of filters and if it’s been in the water for that long the bottom must have a jungle growing on it can’t you tow it 
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    Welcome to the forum!  Buy towing insurance -- get the unlimited package.  No boat is going to successfully make a 4-hour cruise after sitting untouched for that long. 

    I'd probably pump out the fuel and start with fresh.  

    On most of the later models, the starboard engine runs the steering.  
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    Man, that is so adventurous to try do that. But “well maintained” yet one engine doesn’t run right? That’s a sign.

    As soon as that thing turns over I am sure so many parts dry, locked, frozen or whatever are going to find weak points. Be prepared for things to break, leak, fall off or crap out.

    Good luck - we’ll all be keen to hear how it goes.



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    A lot of seals/gaskets could cause issues. You have received a lot of excellent advice above.
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    Just the thought of attempting to use 4 year old fuel alone, is enough to deter me from trying that rodeo. Your 4 hour trip, isn't going to be 4 hours.  
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