97 Rinker 240 Fiesta Vee questions

Anyone here bring me up to date on the ins ands outs of this boat? I have parts of the full enclosure. I know some ot is missing but not sure. How do you drain fresh water tank in winter? Boat was dry docked at marina. Trailer bunks not set up right, needs waste tank pumped out but got to get trailer fixed before i can put it in water to go to marina. Can this be done at home? Has Surge O Matic # 6 trailer brakes. How do you keep it from putting on brakes when backing. It does not have the electric switch or manual one. Can it be locked with c clamp when backing? If any one has trailer for boat like this I would like to see how bunks are placed on the hull. Its a 25 foot EZ loader trailer from about 1999.


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    My surge brakes free spin in reverse due to hinged brake shoe.  Unless rusted in place it should free spin fine. Rusted in place would likely mean no free spin in either directions and constant drag will lead to lots of heat while towing.  

    My brakes are set up similar to a titan 10 or 20 model, google pics for illustrations. 

    I recommend any trailer boater buy a macerator pump and line to pump your holding tank into your septic or sewer system at home.  Look up diy macerator tank pump. The best thing about trailer boats is no need for marina or marina fees.

    My 235 doesn't have a fresh water tank drain. My hot water tank does I will turn on all the faucets and then turn on the galley pump at the end of the season.  Once empty put 2 to 3 gallon of rv antifreeze in the system and run it through. Once again turn on the pump and run hot then cold water on each faucet until antifreeze comes out.  Then you're done.  Have a beer to celebrate.

    I cant help you with bunks as i have a roller trailer.  Id rather have bunks.  I want the lower center of gravity.
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    I appreciate the help. I will look into getting one of those pumps.  The trailer has set for years probably. I have the surge brake apart now cleaning it out. The fluid look bad and i pumped it out. Lot of rust. I will bleed if good when i get it back together and check the shoes and drums.  I did find all the pieces of the enclosure. The bimini top needs zippers sewn back on. Is it possible for upholstery shop to make new one like OEM with all zippers for enclosure on all sides? I've had smaller boats and waverunners. Never dealt with all the aminities on larger boat. It also has an alcohol and electric stove. Seen a test on you tube where Heet was one of the better fuels. Seems like it would be dangerous on a boat. Any tips on using alcohol stove?  I dont even know how much fuel this boat holds. Its a 5.7 EFI Merc. 
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    So long as the local upholstery shop is competent yes, a new top can be made. A local shop here not only makes boat covers and enclosures but also fj40 soft tops!  Same material!  I have a full enclosure i thought about adapting to my rinker but its too hot in the summer months.  Instead for about 180 i got an 8ft pontoon bimni that covers 80% of the cockpit. I may add a bimini shade exetender this sping to keep the sun off the coolers.  

    I dont like alcohol stoves, sure it doesn't put out the co2 like propane but lp isnt a spill/burn hazard.  I only boat in the summer so if i do need to cook on a stove top(do all the time on the sailboat, have not on the rinker) all the hatches and doors are open.  I run a generac quiet genset on my swim platfrom to run the ac at night so for me a co2 and fire alarm are mandatory inside the cabin.  The alcohol vs lp debate is as bad as politics or religion.

    If i keep my rinker and not upgrade this winter i will have an lp grill mount made for the swim platfrom or transom.  

    In order for me to start boating year round ill need to either invest in waders or find a driver to either run the excursion or drive the boat. Doing it solo i have to get at least thigh deep in the water.  I guess i could get waders!

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    Can you recommend a good macerator pump? All the reviews say the Japsco ones are crap. The brass bolts get dissolved and you have to order their stainless steel bolt kit. Thats crazy. Why dont they come with stainless or do new ones have them? We know the answer. Any good videos on installing one of these pumps?
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    I couldn't tell you, my first mod was pull out the pump out porta potty and replace with another that i can just tilt and dump, its totally gross but it empties quick. I just came across a few diy google searches when i was looking at boats that had a holding tank. Way more sanitary with a pump as far as im concerned.  I must really love my family to deal with all their crap. Or maybe i just like boating so much that i don't mind their crap.
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    Like i said i know nothing about the plumping on this boat. Does the Jabsco toilet use water from the fresh water tank or does it pull water in from when boat is in water? How do you know if its bad?  Why does boat smell like bad toilet? If the toilet has enough water should it keep smell out of boat? Looking at plumping lines in back of boat its hard to tell what is waste line and what is fresh water. Still working trailer bearings, light, bunks, surge brakes. Dont have macerator pump and havent been on water to pump it out. Guess that should have been my first project. If anyone want to chime in and enlighten me I'd be glad.
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    The toilet my 235 came with was a porta potty that you put water into an internal tank built into the porta potty, just like a little camping porta potty. It didn't flush, it had a hand pump and handle to slide open the hatch to let everything go down into the lower holding tank.

    The holding tank was again a part of the toilet but instead of pulling toilet to empty you had a tube running up to a pump out fitting.   It emptied just like a holding tank

    I don't use a marina and all season long i never even passed a marine.  Where i launch has an rv dump spot where I can use toilets, trash dumpsters and gated entry for safe weekend parking.  I stop before heading home, toss my trash and clean the toilet so its fresh for the next trip

    Maybe post a pic of your toilet?  Id post one of my old pump toilet but after realizing it wouldn't dump easily, it took nearly an hour to clean, i tossed it in one of the dumpsters at the park.  I then installed ordered a new one from Amazon and had it before my next outting.
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    It has a Jabsco Twist and  Lock  pump. Looks a new one cost about $96 on Amazon and rebuild kit about $36. I was told the base fitment never changes so new one fit older boats. They come in right and left models. That being your right and your left if you were sitting on toilet. That unless I'm mistaken. Wonder who named the rubber valve in bottom a Joker valve? Think lt lets waste out when you pump and stops water from coming back in.
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    Called a joker valve because the three sided appearance looks like a jokers hat. The flap shown in the pic is not the joker valve it's the water control flap. The joker valve is located in the goose neck connected to the outlet hose. Looks like this:

    "Knot Quite Shore" - 2000 FV270
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