Vanilla -- best forum platform out there today?

LaReaLaRea Member Posts: 7,345 ✭✭✭✭✭
After over 30 years using various online forums, I want to say this about the Rinker site:  Vanilla Forums, the way we enjoy it here, is the best forum platform I've ever used.  Kudos to Rinker and the site moderators.  

I was an early adopter back in the 80's, and I've used a lot of different forum sites ... professional, boating, cars, music, been there done that.  Vanilla does it right.  

The comment arises from my conversation with someone who runs a well-known, much-used site that includes a discussion forum.  I love the organization's web site, but the forum is not user-friendly.  Or maybe I'm spoiled after spending so much time here.   I hope the tech staff from that other site will visit here for suggestions.  


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