Boat Leveler Co hydraulic trim hydro hoses

Where is the best place to buy those boat leveler hydro hoses? They measure about .500 inch o.d.  They need to be rated 2000 psi? Auto parts seel them? Where do you find biodegradable oil like it says to use?


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    The bio oil is to be epa friendly in case of a spill.  I had a hose blow out and switched to atf.

    The hose is odd ball size and load leveler is the only source i found for direct fit.  It's rated at 300 or 400 psi on the hose yet they say it holds 2000.  Those little 1/4 inch hose clamps don't hold 2000 psi i dont believe. 

    I needed an immediate fix so went to local hose shop, got 5/16 hydralic multi hose for inner fittings then used a barbed 5/16 to 3/8 adapter, brass, to connect to 3/8 for outside barb fittings on the cylinders.  This hydralic shop hose is rated at 300 psi.   Tried and tried but 5/16 300 psi hose isn't stretchy enough to fit those outside barb fittings.  The 3/8 isn't tight enough for the fittings on the pump.

    I lost my trim tab hose due to the po replacing the hoses with 3/8 gates fuel hose rated 50 psi.  God only knows how long that lasted.  Worked for me half the summer. They looked dated and weathered so I assume a few seasons old.  I went to take my son and neice tubing when my step sis asked if i had an oil leak. The hose gave way, i remember going across big wake at 25 plus mph earlier that morning.  Now i make sure the tabs are retracted once on plane so long as i dont need them to level me out.  This is my first inboard and first with tirm tabs so the learning curve took time. 
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    Both hoses are dry rotted on this boat. One is leaking on the leveler. Funny the book says biodegradable oil and the hydraulic tank for it says use any type transmission fluid.
    Guess i'll have buy hoses from them and pay two prices. 
    What kind of sealer, silicone do you use to seal that back when you change hoses?

    I'll probably leave them down to if i ever make it to the water.
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    The bio oil is just to keep it environmentally friendly in case of leak in the water. Any cheap atf fluid from any store with an auto department will work fine.

    Im assuming you mean sealer for holes in transom?    I used 3M 4200.  

    I wouldnt leave the tabs down all the time, well i do at no wake idle speeds as it keeps the bow planted and keeps the steering from wondering.  Once on plane i bring them back up.  Down = drag. I only lower then while on plane if i need to level the boat out, at that point I'm lowering one or the other.  They dont have to lower much to feel a difference.  For optimum speed and least amount of drag you want them all rhe way retracted(up) 
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    Boat leveler sells these hoes. Visit your local marine supply to order a set 
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    I ordered those hoses , two of the little hats that go over hose and some 3M 4200 sealer. I bet they are a pain to change with breaking anything. Thanks for the info. I havent even had this boat in water except when the guy put it in when i bought it. Been working on trailer bearings, brakes, getting top fixed, putting in stereo to replace old Maxxima cassette radio. Like to have never got that figured out since old radio had 20 pin plug and small plug for a remote. Didnt have that radio but thankfully I found owners manual for it. Wish i could get it in water before winter to see if bellows leak. Car sales type guy had this boat a year and they learn not to tell you anything . When i sell something i try to be honest as possible. It makes next owners life a lot easier.
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    Depending on how much hose you bought, try to leave some slack in the bilge. I replaced mine a while back on my 242, one sprang a leak at the barb, I just cut the damaged area out and pulled some slack through and resealed. makes the job easier and quicker for future repairs.
    2008 330EC
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    Use some cutters to cut the hose at the nipples/fittings. It is stiff and the outside housings are all plastic so twisting can lead to snapping them off, then you're screwed. 

    I was able to reuse my hats. Thank God the po used 4200, had he used 5200 id have needed to use a heat gun and most likely ruined the hats.

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