Max size? Chartplotter for 330/340/360

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How big can I go?! It looks like about 12” x 12”? I’m considering replacing the C80 with a newer non-widescreen Raymarine and open to ideas. 

Thank you!


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    I was actually thinking of mounting an iPad and using the Navionics app on my 330. They come in various sizes.
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    The advantages to having a marine chartplotter versus an iPad include the GPS integration to your VHF radio for DSC and AIS.

    Nearly all VHF radios now have DSC.  If you get an MMSI number ( and program it into your VHF radio and it has a GPS signal, then the "distress" button will do all it can do.  Which means when you push the "distress" button your MMSI number and your lat/lon are transmitted as a digital signal on channel 70 (NEVER EVER use channel 70 for voice communication) to the Coast Guard who then knows who you are, where you are and that you are in distress.  The other use for GPS/DSC is being able to "ping" other boats you know who have the same setup.  Given the right combination if you have a friends MMSI number you can transmit a request and if they are in range the data will come back and be displayed on your chartplotter showing their location.

    Having AIS is more valuable if you are boating in a area with larger commercial ships like freighters.  Again if properly equipped (meaning a VHF radio with AIS function or a separate AIS reciever) you will see vessels sending an AIS transponder signal displayed on your chartplotter.

    I have DSC and AIS on the 342.  I also have DSC on the center console.  I ever have a handheld with GPS built in and DSC.  Meaning each has a unique MMSI number and I can perform the DSC function on any of them.

    My $0.02

    Disclaimer:  I'm an amateur radio operator so my interest in VHF radio is a tiny bit higher than some folks.  And as a vessel examiner for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary I tend to talk about boating safety.  :)

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    @Stodge , I agree but that’s where the Digital Yacht box comes into play.
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    Agree with Stodge on the "big picture" advantages of having a true GPS chartplotter that can be integrated. I keep my Raymarine C70 going and installed to be sure to have that. But - I wouldn't break the bank on it. Honestly I'd get the bare minimum because the iPad works so freaking awesome for a fraction of the price. Of course you need a cellular enabled iPad as that is the only iPad with a GPS chip, Wifi only wont work unless you buy the "bad elf" which add's GPS to the Wifi Only. I've got a waterproof case for my iPad which was $30 on amazon and I've got $40 or so in to my RAM mount for my iPad 2018. Really works unbelievable. I've used it to go from western lake erie up in to Lake St. Claire and used it this summer to cross lake erie in to mainland canada. No cellular service or wifi service needed, download the maps ahead of time and off you go on the gps chip. I dont pay for cellular service for the ipad, not needed. 
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    Here’s a quick video on Digital Yacht
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    I replaced one of my Lowrance units with a Dell 7" tablet with Navionics and it works OK. Only issue is that there are time that it is very hard to see because of the sun. That is an issue with all tablets.
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    I believe you can get an anti glair screen protector that helps with the issue.
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    I used an iPad in my old boat with Navionics and it was great relative to the cost, but the brightness is insufficient and not having NEMA integration (MPG etc) sucks.  I tried the anti-glare filters (even tried a $100 anti-glare filter recommended by pilots) and shields.  Not enough nits.  Been there, done that.

    While I appreciate that there are alternatives to an expensive chartplotter, I'm just looking to know the length and width of the panel where the chartplotter is fitted.  I'm thinking of an older model chartplotter such as an A-Series 12.1" if it will fit.

  • Liberty44140Liberty44140 Bay Village & Marblehead, OH.Posts: 2,490Member ✭✭✭✭
    This is interesting, I've never had a glare problem in using this setup for years. Must have to do with my canvas package? Who knows....
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