2001 270 Vee, Microwave, Hot Plate and Radio not working

Hey all, I'm starting to really get to work on my 270 with updates and general maintenance. I'm about to tackle the power issues I'm having in the cabin. 

My fridge works, but my microwave, hot top and radio are all out of commission. I haven't pulled anything and started chasing wires yet, I will be in two weekends, but I figured I'd drop a line and ask if there are any know commonality between those components that I should be looking for. Is there something that could take all three down at once? If the fridge didn't work, I would think the panel wet bad, but the fridge kicks right on when I turn the knob.

I appreciate any info you have, if you have any questions for me please let me know!
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    Range top and microwave are on separate breakers on the panel. Sounds silly but try turning the breakers off then on again and see if anything changes. Radio likely needs to have key on in accessory position and I believe there's a push button breaker for that below the helm. Try all that before tearing things apart.
    Edit: Oh, and of course you need to have shore power hooked up and on or generator running if you have one for micro and stove. Not trying to insult you, everybody's got a different level of experience.
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    Thanks for the feedback and heads up. Tried everything with the Radio, no luck - I honestly didn't realize the hot plate and microwave were shore power only - especially since the fridge works fine on house batteries. Saved me some stress!
    2001 270 "Salty Disposition"
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