Wiper problems 2003 FV 342

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Hi everyone, excited about our recently aquired 2003 FV 342. I haven't posted anything yet but.....thank you to all of you as this forum has been an incredible wealth of knowledge and guidance. 
I replaced my helm dash panel and all switches recently and noticed the wiper switch remained lit even when in the off position. On the previous switch there was no light. Neither of my wipers are working and I expected to replace to both motors but the constant power to the switch has me concerned. Could this be due to a short in one of the motors? Possibly a bad relay? I know I have to drop the headliner to access the motors but I'm more concerned about a short or a bad relay. Any suggestions on where to start? Thanks for any input!


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    Welcome aboard and congrats on the 342.

    I have a problem now and then where the port side wiper will get stuck in a position just shy of all the way down.  when this happens they both keep running until I reach over and help it get into the down position.  I blame this on the wiper motor.  It's not something that happens 100% of the time.  If I use just the starboard wiper I don't see the issue.  So I haven't taken any action.

    Try giving the wipers a little push to the "down" position and see if that helps any.

    Best of luck.

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    The switch is a two way switch. Up is starboard wiper only down is both wipers and off is in the middle. Welcome to the forum and being a 342 owner great boat. 
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    The switch should only light up when the running lights are on. Not if the wipers alone are on. I suspect you have the light wiring incorrect. 

    Correcting the above. The switch does light up when in either on position. Checked mine today. 
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    Thanks very much for the advice. I'll be digging back into my wiring this weekend. Good to know about up being starboard only. Being in central florida corrosion has not been kind and based on other simple fix wiring issues I've found I wouldnt be surprised if there was something incorrect. I'll give an update when I figure more out....thanks again.
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    My switch is wired starboard down and both is up.
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    Roger that, I'll be checking the wiring in both directions. Neither motor operates and with it being lit in the neutral position and my running lights off I was suspecting a wiring issue. I'll start at the wiper motors with my trusty power probe and work back to the switch. Hopefully i find something simple.
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    So which way is starboard?
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