Can someone verify some dp c and e gear ratios for me?

PickleRickPickleRick Member Posts: 1,805 ✭✭✭
I am getting conflicting info,  im needing to be able to prop a 23 to 25 ft hull for approx 25 to 30 knots at 3400 to 3700 rpms.

The aq series (280 and 290) offered diesel gearing in both a 1.95 and 2.3. Ratios. These also fit on some gasser 4 bangers, v6 and even some v8s depending on applications.  

These were 80s to mid 90s vintage.   

For my application lower the rpms the better.

I know the vp site used to list this info but the page is dead now. Also, go pens  


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