look fors in a 2007 350 new to us

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We are awaiting a survey and sea trial for a new to us 2007 350.  What survey findings would be a concern to you?  Boat has  abt 350 hrs, gen has less than 10 hrs.  We currently own a 2005 232 and love it.   Looking forward to possibilities of enjoying the 350 even more.

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    DI Thanks for your reply. Boat has been stored and serviced at single marina since 2007. All service records provided.  Has been on the hard since late 2017.  Believe genny was new in 2017.  Other than dust, looks and smells clean. Engine compartment very clean. Will wait to see what survey brings. Thanks for recommendation to have compression test on both motors. We are seeing that some surveyors recommend/include, some do not.  Are buyers typically present at the survey?  Hearing differing opinions and would like to hear more. thanks
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