RinkerBuilt in the 1970s - Tri Hulls

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Hi Rinker boaters! 
This is Jeanie, from Rinker Marketing. Get ready to flip through your old family/boating photos!
I am currently working on a project about the Rinker heritage, and I'm in need of some good photos from the 1970s. I haven't had much luck with google searching or internal resources, so I'd like to extend my search to you and your families. The only photos I've found on google have been photos of for sale boats, which I can use if I don't find anything else, but those aren't ideal.
I'm specifically interested in the 1970s tri hulls. If you, or your families, parents, grandparents, have photos of a 1970-1979 tri hull made by Rinkerbuilt (name changed to Rinker in the 80s), please post it on this discussion or you can send it to me directly at [email protected] 
This would help me out greatly!
Thank you in advance, 
-Rinker Boat Co. Marketing


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