Review of season 3 on our 270

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Okay, season 3 is in the books and it was a mixed season on many fronts.....we still love our boat!  We had many great days on Luvinlife, plenty of days with friends and family aboard!  To level set, ours is a 2006 with the 5.7 Volvo GXI.  We continue to make more and more great friends at out RI Marina and spend more time interacting, overnighting and visiting at the dock than I ever imagined. The convenience of shore power on hot days allows for AC and microwave and stove top cooking.  To be sure,  we did overnight in favorite coves as well, and visited a number of new places in RI bay waters.  We had an expensive breakdown in August, had to get the starboard side head replaced which meant pulling the engine and losing 5 good weeks of the season.  The good news is that the boat has been repaired and is running better than ever (fingers crossed it stays that way). I contemplated selling after the work was done but came to my senses. Never got to either Martha's Vineyard or Block Island (wasted the  vacation week we were planning to go, but the boat was being repaired) but will do it next year! We had many great days and nights on the boat and miss it a lot already.  May can't come fast enough for us to splash again! For the price, you can't beat the 270 for versatility, space, style and comfort.  Big plans for adventures next summer!  


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    Glad you came to your senses and Congrats on another great year! "For the price, you can't beat the 270 for versatility, space, style and comfort." Absolutely agree. If $$ was no object a 342 or some such would be on my radar, but in the meantime, pound for pound the 270 is awesome. I'd take it over a twin engine Sea Ray or anything else any day. We looked at over 30 boats and a half a dozen 270's before we found ours, but at least two broker/dealers told me that they would take Rinker 270's all day long to sell as it was a no brainer and easy sell. Only reason we turned a few down was condition vs. price. All were probably good, but very happy with the one we ended up with.
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    We will probably move to a larger boat some day, but for the near term we have a lot more plans on the 270! 
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    I also agree that the 270 is a great boat for the price. I have the 280EC and we love it. The Admiral would like something bigger, but that isn't in the cards yet. We still want to trailer our boat to some different bodies of water. We are planning on making the trek back to the Rinkervous and we would like to head north to Lake Erie. Erie, PA is only 90 minutes, or two hours trailering a boat, north of where I am at. Once we go bigger, we are locked in to the three rivers area.
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    Glad you had a great summer and she running great. Maybe next summer we can hook up, keep me posted we you make the trip to Block Island. I must agree the 270 is a great boat and versatile. I had one for 4 years and loved every minute.
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    Great summary!  You sure use her well in those big waters!  

    Being able to trailer, as Greg does, really gives an advantage as well.  Can't wait to see him and his family again next year!  (sure hope you make a week out of it too!)

    Ras, I think it's time to trailer that ole girl up to the Chesapeake next year! :)

    I came to the conclusion long ago that it doesn't matter the size of the boat, it can still get you on water to have as much fun as any other!  (as long as it's a Rinker! :)  ) 

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    ReneeChris, Yes I sure hope we can finally meet up next summer. I have plans to go to Block Island, Edgartown and Mystic. I’ll let you know the dates once I have them solidified. I’d love to see your boat and finally meet you. 
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    It's hard not to toss money into improvements/mods into your current boat despite knowing you're going to sell to move up in the not so distant future.  It seems to be an addiction that comes with boating.
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    Rick I agree. Any even minor thing that needs attention gets fixed on my boat immediately. And every year I upgrade something, even though I will
    move up eventually.  I am hoping to add some blue LED lighting to my interior in the spring before I splash. One of my neighbors added the blue led lights inside the side vents and they look really sharp at night.  I may try that too if I can get inside that area. Nothing too expensive for next season though because I spent a lot of money on engine repairs in 2019.  
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    I'm pretty much good with the way mine is...I do need to replace the up top carpeting and will look at some of the vinyl replacement stuff I have seen here on the inexpensive version. Other than that, I need to clean up the trailer, new bunk carpet and just tidy it up a bit but I don't seem to have that overwhelming bug to update everything...soon the upoulstry will need to be redone which I'm sure is not cheap but trying to keep it in good working addition and appearance and comfort.
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    Ras,  I would recommend you buy the aqua weave type snap in carpet. Looks great, cleans right up.  They have one that looks like teak. 
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    I will have to explore those options and come up with a budget to get it done...
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