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I consider myself fairly knowledgeable and can't think of anything, but hey, maybe somebody here has a tip or trick I can use. I am wondering if there's any other test I can do at home with a multi-meter to test my house batteries?
I have one that is going on 3 years old that I think may be suspect. I can measure volts of course. And I have a battery load tester but I'm thinking that the sudden hard hit is more relevant for a starter battery, in fact I wonder if I could damage a deep cycle house battery since they really aren't designed for the sudden high amp draw that a starter battery is subjected to?
I know that some places like Auto-Zone offer testing services, but first of all I know nothing is free and they're hoping to sell me a new battery but I'd never buy there because I have a connection for Interstate batteries at 10% over cost. But that location has no testing. Any electronic testers out there that aren't a gazillion dollars?
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