Rinker 240 Fiesta Vee bimini top

When I bought this boat in Oct I ask the guy if I needed to let that bimini top down. He said it would be ok. Before I got home it was tangling off the back of the boat. Had to buy some new cleats and brackets and got it fixed. Crazy place to put back running light. On top a bimini top. Still haven't got that problem worked out. The boat has a cover to go on the top when you fold it back for trailering. I still haven't figured out on this boat how you can do that without taking top off. Seems frame just wont fold back like I have seen others do. I have a picture of it. Can anyone enlighten me? Got all the canvas and windows for front and side. When you zip it on it comes up zipped. Guess those plastic zippers are worn on top part  from the weight of all below it. Will have to get all zippers replaced that hold weight from top zipper.ok


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    That's a beautiful looking boat!  What year?  As far as the isenglass, sometimes heat, like a hair dryer, will let you stretch it.  Just be careful with too much heat.  When trailering you always want the canvas down.  

    As far as folding to put cover over top, it looks like back pole may need to become disconnected? Or does front allow it to pivot and rest on back?  Maybe a close up picture or two may help.  There are also other forum members with similar boats that may come in.

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    To me, it looks like that top is on backwards maybe?   Just looking at the angle, there is no way for that to fold backwards, only forward without binding. 
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    That does look like an awkward fitting top.  Is it home made? 

    The all round light is on the bimini because you need to see it 360 degrees...unless you're a sailboat.  It's common to see bimini mounted lights on pontoons.  My 235 has a spot on the windshield to mount the all around... Which was right in my face at night.

    I now have a base on the top side of the boat behind the bimini where i can install a 48 inch all around on a pole.  

    Here is my top.  It was meant for a pontoon.  Its 8 ft long. It's taller than i prefer but my front windshield doesn't open so i have to step over it and need the headroom without sacrificing shade on the dash. 

    When i stow it, i unattached the front legs from the windshield rail and lay them against the back legs, it then fits nicely inside a zip up sock for storage.  It does fine zipped up at 65 mph for nearly an hour but the flags dont.
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    The top is original Taylor made. I think they have been bought out by another company.  My boat (97) is too old to still be on their list. I have full canvas but all top zippers are worn and pull out.
    ****, the top could be backwards but all canvas fits like that. Where the driver sits the top would be almost useless I think.  Putting that top back on was like a jigsaw puzzel. Especially if your doing it with no help. I stepped out of the boat with onto small aluminum ladder. Glad it was aluminum. Absorb all the shock when I fell on it. I had to assemble it on ground holding it open with rope and weights on each end.
    It might fold down with back poles removed. Have to try it.
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    It does kinda look like it’s on backwards. Since you say everything fits like it should, would be crazy if all the panels fit both ways.
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    here is how my top sits in the stowed away position.

    This was a 160 or so dollar top i bought on eBay.  It sits where i (6ft 2) can walk under it without having to crouch over.

    I believe your 240 repalced my 235 in production.

    Im considering adding sides and windshield to mine for rain storms.  
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    Got to thinking about it. Cannot be backwards. Light cut out in canvas is in back. Its wired for that location.. I would like to get my zippers fixed so I can put it up for  when I'm in the rain. Upholstery guy was suppose to let me know about it. Guess he wanted to avoid that job. Thanks for the picture.
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    looks to me like if you remove the back poles, it should lay down.
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    Maybe remove the back poles and it folds forward towards the bow?
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    If you un-do the front straps it should fold towards the stern, all the frames resting on each other and then the cover zips on to hold it all together. All those joints on the sub supports should pivot. Edit: And where the front supports meet the glass frame there should be little spring pins that come out so those supports swing free if I remember correctly.
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    Can you use a sewing machine?  
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    When my dad retired he worked on sewing machines. I have some. Just never messed with them much.
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    Back when my daily driver was a 67 fj40 land cruiser with a soft top i had the zippers blow out.  2 day shipping and i had new zippers, spent 2 hrs sewing each one in as i didnt want to take the top off in sub 40 degree temps.  I now own a sewing machine but back then I hand stitched it.  Not supper hard but time consuming.  Using a sewing machine is quicker but a mich bigger learning curve.  Also most of the time for a sewing machine, it needs the top needs to come off

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    Is that sewing machine diesel or are you in the middle of converting it?
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    I mean diesel is more efficient
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