Need minimum specs for trailer to haul 2005 262 captiva BR

Finding used trailers is hard!  What is the minimum I need to haul a 262 BR?  Trying to find a used trailer. 


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    Google specs list it as 5800 lbs, add 1000 lbs for gear and fuel so anything in the 7000 lbs range would work. Your boat measures 28 ft long but don't count the swim platfrom when measuring for a trailer.  

    A dual axle trailer would do just fine unless you are trailering long distances constanly which then id opt for a tri axle.

    Some states require electric brakes, some require brakes on all axles.  

    Surge brakes on one axle is legal here in my state and so long as all is functional works just fine.  I tow with a 1ton suv on 3/4 ton suspension so it's better than most standard pick ups, you may want beefier brakes depending on your rig and towing experience or comfort level.

    You may be better off finding a junk boat sitting on a trailer (26 to 28 foot) then scrapping or taking boat to dump than finding a trailer alone.  Some wife that doesnt want it in the yard any longer.  Ive spent as little as 750 on a 26ft boat with over built trailer.  Not a hwy trailer but perfect yard dog trailer.

    My local scrap yard will buy boats with a motor for a cent per 100 lbs

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