290 ex cruiser bimini top 2016

i cant figure out how top attach top around front around windows has groves no snaps is there a secret


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    First off, welcome to the forum.

    So looking at pictures of a 290ex, it appears that there is isenglass from the front of the arch to the windshield.  The "bimini" I think you're referring to is behind the arch to the back, so more like how a camper top goes on some boats.  Correct?

    Again from the photos it looks like there is a frame on the backside of the arch and the top would go from the arch to the end of the frame when extended.  In my case there is a piece that slides into a track on the arch with a zipper.  The canvas then snaps to the top, and zips as well.  

    Perhaps someone with that boat will chime in.

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    There should be a piece that slides into the groves then the eisenglass zips to that piece. 
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