Tinker Fiesta vee 266 1997 headliner fabric

I'm new to the forum and have read through so many interesting and helpful posts! Does anyone know if it is possible to get any of the beige linen-like fabric for the headliner? I need to find some for the upholsterer to do some minor repairs to make my new baby even MORE perfect! (Can you tell I'm excited? We get the boat on Saturday and I'm like a little kid on Christmas Eve!) Thanks so much! (If this is not an appropriate post or in the wrong place I apologize )


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    Google bunny or monkey fur boat headliner.  

    See if that looks like what you have, many suppliers will send free samples
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    Welcome to the forum!  You are in the right place for answers, so keep the questions coming.  

    Probably the best thing to do is have the upholsterer visit your boat and bring fabric swatches so you can look for a match.  Colors change over the years, and you'll have to find a match to the actual color.  

    Good luck Saturday!  Take pictures and let us see your new boat.
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    Welcome to the forum Amy!  You may be able to look inside the back of a cabinet and see some extra headliner.  Just cut a small piece to take to your upholsterer to match.

    Definitely post some pictures!  Always great to see members boats!

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    Thank you so much; that makes perfect sense! (and good grief, it's not a TINKER :/, although  that might wind up being a Freudian slip, lol)
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