Remove Raymarine Open Array Radar For Transport

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Looking for some thoughts on this. The boat I am buying has a brand new 2019 Raymarine open array radar and it must come off for the boat to be trucked home. Has a 4' rotating arm. Given my higher level of handiness it looks like I should be able to remove and reinstall myself. Any experience with this?

- Looks like the connection between the arm and the base is pretty crucial, so I am thinking that I leave the arm connected to the base. No reason to risk goofing that up?
- Total weight is 57 lb, so the Admiral and I should be able to carefully pull it down (plan to set up a scaffold for good balance).
- Plan to carefully wrap it in sleeping bags so that it is well padded and bring it home in our large SUV rather than risk it moving in the boat
-4 nuts to remove and it looks like the connection is just a twist off like a coax

Anything I am missing? Any reason I should pay someone to do this? Yes I am aware that if I goof it replacement is $5k.

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    @Liberty44140 , I would think this is something you guys can tackle. Hopefully the base isn’t sealed like crazy. Hardest part I would think is handing it down once removed. If you have a nice platform to work on, you should be good.
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    I agree, should not be a problem (take it from someone that designs radars :) ).  I would definitely just remove the entire unit from the top, there should be connections either in the hardtop (or arch) or where it mates to boat. Do not cut any wires thinking you can splice - very important.

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  • Liberty44140Liberty44140 Bay Village & Marblehead, OH.Member Posts: 4,073 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks Aero. The install instructions dont call for sealant at the base but I will definitely look out for that. 
    Thanks Dream, I was hoping you would chime in given your radar background. I am glad you agree to just remove the entire unit and not bother separating the wand. Noted on not cutting wires, admiral and I agreed we would stop and call a pro if it looked like that would be needed. It looks like we could tie a strap around it just under the arm where the arm meets the pedistal in case it falls so I might do that for safety but plan to not use the strap. My vision is 4 hands carefully lowering it down on the scaffold....
    07' Cruisers 390 (Previous Rinker's: 06' 342EC & 01' 310FV)

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