Rex9mend a charter in Marathon

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We have a few keys residents here.  About 2 years ago i booked a fishing trip, 4 to 6 hrs, with a live aboard 32 ft sport cruiser.  Was a slow ride with twin inboard diesels but it was a fun ride.  Its nice not having to do anything on a boat.  

We hit the patch reefs around 7 mile bridge and had a blast catching fish.  We got several keeper sized snapper but most was catch and release.  I dont have the eye for catching fish like that and choosing the spots, yet.  

The mother in law wants to do some fishing and wants to do a charter trip, 4 to 6 hrs with hitting patch reefs as well as the reef.  Less time riding and more time fishing.

Fishing with 2 ladies who are not hard core fishers means it would be nice to find a sports cruiser.  A good top for adequate shade to step out of the sun while riding.  It could be a 70s vintage Viking or other similar cruiser.  Doesn't need ac, could be another live aboard for all i care.  Sadly the capt we used last time gad an engine failure, was too much to repair and moved back to Tennessee.  
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