IAC Valve

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I was considering buying a spare Quicksilver IAC valve for $160.30 from Amazon. A while back @YYZRC asked me if I was going to replace both of mine. After thinking, since I don’t know when mine were last replaced, I’m going to replace them both and keep the old ones as spares. It’s crazy that Quicksilver wants $160 for one. I did some research and found this EMP IAC from Michigan Motorz . EMP seems like a very reputable company and attends many boat shows to display their products. I was able to get two cheaper than one Quicksilver. Hopefully this is a quality part and will be just as good or better than quicksilver. FYI , for some reason Michigan Motors has these listed on eBay about $10 cheaper with free shipping. Since these fail often, it would be nice to find a cheaper option that is meant for marine use.


EMP website:


2008 330EC


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