Looking for a Rinker Fiesta Vee 320 from 2005.

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Hello all,

My name is Julian, I’m from the Netherlands and my family is looking for a boat. Today we saw a very nice and clean Rinker Fiesta Vee 320 from 2005. It has 2x Volvo Penta D4-260 Diesel engines. We are very enthusiastic but this is going to be our first boat, so we don’t know very much about it. If it’s allowed, I would ask some questions;

First of all we want to know if Rinker is a good high quality brand. And can we compare it with another brand like Bayliner or Monterey, are they better?

Secondly we want to know something about the polyester quality, is it strong? Thickness?

Thirdly we would like to know if there are any points of attention we need to know before we buy it?
Thank you in advance. 

Kind regards,


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    I think that all the resin used to play up the fiberglass on that model rinker is vinylester based, i am 100% sure the gelcoat is vinylester based.  

    Vinylester resin is better than polyester resin.  It makes a stronger chemical bond than polyester.    

    The biggest perk of vinylester is the gelcoat wont blister as easily as the older polyester gelcoat.  Many consider a bottom paint unneeded....not my opinion. 

    Id guess your hull thickness is a good near 2 inched solid fiberglass. 

    Boat will endure much worse weather than you, or any of us, would stomach.

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