Removing thru hulls

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So I wanted to re seal the thru hull for the generator, looks like the only way to get to it is to also remove the raw water also...just no room as they are right in front of the motor and a stringer right in front of the seacock. Now I had pulled the raw water before and re sealed it but I'll be danged if I can remember how I got it off,.....any tips? I see a tool that you can get that goes up thru the bottom and catches a couple little flanges inside...but I did not have the tool when I pulled it off before....any tips? I can get a pipe wrench on the raw water valve but can't get any leverage to even break it lose. Sure whish I would have thought of this when I had the motor out.... So update with a question...

I was going to do this not really being sure this was my leak- the raw water I had done recently. For the Ginny, I removed the strainer on the hull and this is a more STD type thru Hull and probably is not leaking. The raw water pick up as I recall is one big piece? The scallop /scoop on the hull and the part that goes through the hull one piece with a nut on the other side. When I inspected the Ginny on the hull I could not see any sealant so assumed it had dried out and came apart and was leaking- it's just a strainer...do I have both these items straight? I have a good scope so I think I will get on the water and figure out for sure where it is leaking....the ramps are crazy busy and parking down the highway with trailers...I think I will have to take a day off to avoid the **** show...

With all the kids sports shut down, beaches closed...nothing to do everyone is on the water....never seen our water this busy since forever!

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