8.2 MAG Running Hot

JasonAJasonA Member Posts: 40 ✭✭
My 290 with 8.2 MAG starting overheating anytime it was above 1500rpm. Idled it to the service center a week ago and they found some stuff and repaired it. Picked up the boat today from service and its still running hot but not overheating any longer. The stuff that was serviced:

Bravo 3 pulled and cleaned has some build up which they cleaned
Raw water pump replaced (was leaking at pulley went from 21psi at cruise to 28psi)
Heat exchanger opened and cleaned look ok
Poppet values replaced tubes leading to them had some growth but were cleaned
One riser elbow removed to confirm condition of exhaust water passages (looked good only 2 years old)
Compression test done all cylinders in great shape

Idle is about the same 169-171 as prior to the problem (although today after getting back to the slip it sat at 174 for quite a bit). Boat used to run 174-178 max at 3800-4000rpm (cruise speed) and would build some temp at WOT. Now its running 183-185 at cruise and builds temp anywhere past 4200rpm. Any ideas on what to check next? Going to call the service center and talk to them tuesday when they are back in but it seems like they were MOL out of ideas.


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