What size gas struts for engine compartment cover?

Hello, I just bought a 98 Rinker Captiva 212.  The engine compartment cover was very hard to lift so I pulled the old struts off (Spring Lift SL-36-20) and ordered new 20# struts based on the old ones.  I even used a scale to measure how much force it took to open the cover and it was about 28 lbs. so dividing by 2, I thought 20# struts would be big enough.  I installed the new new struts and not only is it not any easier to open but the new ones don't even hold the cover open where the old ones would.  Does anyone have a similar boat and if so, can you tell me what size or what model struts yours has?  Thanks


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    janboyjanboy Member Posts: 1
    Hi I am helping a friend out who has a 2003 captiva 212 very interested also in the right struts for the engine hatch. Also replacement glove box latch and where or what to do about engine compartment round plastic vents which are broken and need replacing. Any help would be super brilliant. 
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    kh1978uiuckh1978uiuc Member Posts: 6
    Well I never did get anywhere with the struts.  For now I just put the old ones back on.  I also cleaned the vinyl around the edges of the engine hatch and put armoral on it so that the vinyl wouldn't stick and that helped it open a little easier.  But if I was replacing them again, I'd probably go with at least 30# struts if not 40#.  As far as the glove box latch, I just replaced mine a few weeks ago.  I bought one on amazon because I wanted one with a lock on it.  I think they're pretty standard so I'm guessing this one will work on a 2003 as well.  Good luck!
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