1998 272 cuddy - bimini mounting question

Hi All,

New to the forum. Just purchased a used 1998 272 that is need of some attention in alot of places and was hoping this group would be able to assist! The dilemma I currently have is the placement of the bimini top posts to the boat. The previous owner installed them on the side of the windshield and based on the pics i have seen the mounts are actually supposed to be inside the windshield and mounted to the fiberglass. I want to know if anyone has any close up pics of where exactly these should be mounted? In the hopes of adding a full enclosure at some point as well. They did provide a full enclosure with the boat however the snaps don't align and with the current bimini location there is a gap to the windshield. I am assuming it is the wrong enclosure as the snaps do not align along the back of the boat and sides. 

Thank you everyone for the add to the group! look forward to learning more on restoring this boat!

Ps. How does one add pics? i have pics of the current setup i would like to share. 



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