Drawings for carpets 312 FV 2005?

MrmikeMrmike Member Posts: 3

I am a new Rinker owner. I have just bought a Rinker 312 FV 2005. I must say this is a really great boat for my family. 

I live in Sweden and here its hard to get hold of parts to American boats. 

I was buying this and its no carpets included to the cockpit, that i can use like a template. I have been looking everywhere for a drawing of the carpets that will lie there without results. Thought to make my own, then the originals for this cost like 2500usd for me to buy with shipping to Sweden. 

So if anyone here have a drawing/template of the carpets to a 312 FV year 2005 and will share this with me i will be forever grateful 😄👍🏻



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