272 accessories (counter top by sink and storage pouch) part #'s??

Hi All,

I previously posted this in the wrong forum section i believe. 

I have a 1998 rinker 272 i recently purchased and i would like to replace the sink top (see pic of replacement piece i am looking for) as the previous owners screwed it down and i don't like the look. My 1998 model also didn't come with the storage pouch in the picture. Any one know where to obtain either of these items? Thanks again for all your help as I am moving forward slowly with the boat rehab!


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    TonyG13TonyG13 Member Posts: 1,296 ✭✭✭✭
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    The sink top looks to be Corian (or other synthetic material). If you're a DIYer you could unscrew the top and use it as a template with your new material of choice and cut your own. Or take it to a granite/marble supplier and they can cut a new top for you. Something that size shouldn't cost too much. They may have scraps laying around in a color/style you like.

    Access is the pain. You'll probably need to remove the fridge to get access to the screws. And hopefully he just used screws and no adhesive.

    The storage pouch is a little trickier. You could try Great Lakes Skipper - or have a local canvas guy sew one up for you. Or even an office supply store may have something that you could adapt.
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    TonyG13TonyG13 Member Posts: 1,296 ✭✭✭✭
    This company looks to sell various mesh pouches for marine use. Most are black. Couldn't find any other colors even though some of their products do say other colors available...

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    Gsnake35Gsnake35 Member Posts: 7
    Thank you Tony! Luckily for the sink top the adhesive is shot and i only have to back out the face screws to take it off. Great idea on taking it to a stone shop. I will do just that! Thanks for the link to tacklewebs. Looks like some good ideas that i could piggy back off. Didn't realize it was so hard to find OEM in parts but the boat is 22 years old!
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