Volvo Penta engine problem

John41John41 Member Posts: 102 ✭✭
So I need some input on what might be going on with my Volvo penta 5.7 engines. I have the 342 fiesta vee. Both engines are giving me a problem starting up. Sometimes I have to give it some throttle to get it started. A couple of times my starboard engine would just die . It happened while I was driving the boat and it happened a few times when I was idling. Yesterday when I started to head into my marina my port engine was losing power and the rpm’s were at 5,000. My starboard engine was at 3000. I wasn’t overheating. I changed my fuel/water separator and I still have the same problem. I replaced all my batteries last year but they seem to giving me a problem again with staying charged. Might be my charger but I don’t think that’s what causing the engines to die out while I’m driving. 


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