Is there a manual valve between the head pump and blackwater tank

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2002 342 Fiesta Vee  Black water tank is behind mid cabin wall on port side I am pretty sure.

My head pump appears to sort of be turning but not flushing water.  I had marina winterize and now when I hit electric flush the pump/macerator growls like it does for a second or two and then trips the breaker.  Acts like its pumping on a dead head or is it just toast.  Only thing I can figure is either a manual valve is closed or the pump is toast.


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    Ok, so I have everything figured out.  Disappointed there wasn't more feedback on this topic. 

    In my case, the pump bearings were seized due to water intrusion around the central shaft gasket.  This caused the pump to overamp when the red macerator button was pressed and caused the drain toggle not to function at all.  I replaced the pump and this corrected both issues.  The black toggle switch "drain" side now activates and drains the bowl while pressing the red button activates the macerator and the drain.  The only thing I still don't understand is the metal blades of the macerator and the plastic blades of the drain impeller are on the same shaft...…..or so it appears.  However, the red button activation does make a more aggressive sound so maybe the pump shaft is two part with the center part activating the macerator and the drain impeller and the drain toggle activating only the plastic impeller located behind the steel macerator blades. 

    Either way, for me, a new assembly and pump fixed both. 

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    Replace/rebuild pump.
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    So one more question - One these heads, there is a black toggle below the Red macerator/flush.  I get the Red flush and the fill part of the black toggle.  My question is what does the "drain" side of the black toggle do? On my system, that doesn't do anything.  No sound, no water drain when its pushed.  The fill part works and fills the bowl when pressed.  The Red button works to operate the macerator/pump.  Drain does absolutely nothing.  I suppose maybe that would be for a different kind of system if I didn't have the macerator/quiet pump, correct? 
    Holy Smokes, don't forget the bilge plug!
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