Who fishes with chum?

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On the coast I use what most other peoele use, frozen blocks of pre made chum.  Always 2 blocks at a time. The harder they are frozen the longer they last.  I keep shaking them every so often to keep the chum slick going then drop in a new block when it starts to disappear.

I also use a mixture of sand, chicken broth, oats and water to toss in the water if im going after snapper or throwing a net for bait fish. It makes a nice cloud they can hide under and will come closer to the boat.  

They also cant see me or the throw net as well.

In fresh water all I really chum for is catfish.  A big bag of cheap dry dog food and a few loafs of cheap day old bread from the bread store.  

I put some dog food and bread in a bag netted bag, let it sink to the bottom with a weight.  I then toss out a few hand fulls of dog food and roll bread into balls that sink to the bottom.  A few of those balls have a hook in center.  I'll also do one or two floating balls of bread with hooks in them for anything hitting the top like carp or the occasional big blue cat.  I also throw a load or two on the top of the water to help attract bait fish like bream.  

I realize to some these type techniques are like family secrets.  Well I'm not worried about any of you, except maybe handy, jumping all in my fishing spot.  

To others what i do is pretty much standard chumming/baiting techniques and you probably adjust to what works for you.

Im also hoping @J3ff reads this and then sends me a few pounds of fresh snapper as he is in one of the best fishing locations on the globe.  Daily limits on mangrove, Lane and yellow snapper are just a short boat ride from him.  Oh, and don't fish that reef @J3ff there's a good chance its a protected area!   

So what family chum secrets are you guys willing to share?

These are some random pics over the past 7 or 8 years.  Mostly salt water.


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